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Something new in the new year…POSSESSIVES Januar 18, 2010

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And here we go….

Possessives are on their way for the first form….

I – my

you – your

he – his

she – her

it – its

we – our

you – your

they – their

Possessives number one…

Possessive Pronouns….

Personal & Possessive Pronouns….



We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you… Dezember 23, 2009

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…a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

And of course….HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


Some more Christmas activities…. Dezember 17, 2009

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…here they are:

Here´s a Santa Claus quiz…

Do you know what Christmas Carols are? Have a look here, I´m sure you know them and maybe you want to sing them at Christmas….

And here we have a complete website about Santa Claus…

Have fun!


2. Klasse: Left, right or straight ahead??? Directions! Dezember 11, 2009

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Picture by tensionnot.com

Asking and giving directions…..click here!!!

My city….click here!

Choose the correct answer for each question…click here!

Look at the map and fill in the words….click here!


Here you can write a Christmas e-card! Dezember 9, 2009

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Click here & go to the website to dress your Santa and send him to somebody…


Christmas Story Quiz Dezember 4, 2009

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Here we go with one click to the quiz….


Ho, ho, ho! November 30, 2009

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Watch out! There are some Christmas activities going to come…..